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Rankinator: Person, institution or event that with one burst of energy irradicates rankism from an establishment or instituition.

Rankistador: Someone who conquers everybody around them with assertions of superior rank.

The Rank Whammy: Hypnotizing people with assertions of superior rank.

Dignity-Jacking: When someone exercises rankism to take your dignity by forceful means.

Ranky Panky: Using one business/social rank as a vehicle for aggressive uninvited seduction. Replete with rewards and penalties for compliance or non-compliance. An extreme example would be: “Doing the maid.”
(Thank you Nines!)

Rankenstein: Someone so obsessed with rank and superiority he flaunts an aire of superiority 24/7. He’s offensive and isn’t hiding anything. His utter disregard is so egregious that he no longer has resemblance to mere humans. Bordering on sociopathy or worse. The pursuit of rank has consumed and destroyed this persons humanity.
(Another great one from Nines!)

Rank Amateur: someone who thinks he’s better than everyone, but can’t convince anyone this is so.
(Thank you to anonymous email correspondent)